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KYLIN Midface System


KYLIN Introduction

KYLIN is a plating system for internal fixation of cranio-maxillofacial fractures – addressing midface, mandibular and orthognathic surgery. 

KYLIN is a comprehensive system that offers solutions with flexibility, ease of use and implants and instruments of high quality.
- Free combination of plates and screws within each KYLIN system
- Lower Plate/screw profle
- Standardized instrumentation
- Blunt edges on plates for less irritation to soft tissue
- Simplifed instrument combination and applicable to more indications

KYLIN Midface System
· One screw diameter fts all plates.
· One system applicable to all midface trauma indications.


·Trauma repair and reconstruction of the craniofacial skeleton

KYLIN Midface Orbital plates
Plates are made of imported pure titanium.
Plates include anatomic orbital floor plates and orbital floor mesh plates

KYLIN Midface Fixation plates

Plates are made of imported commercial pure titanium.
Plates with full specifcations, are applicable to NOE, ZMC, LeFort I and other cranial-maxillofacial indications.

KYLIN Midface Screws
Three types of screws are available, including "self-tapping screw", "self-drilling screw" and "selftapping and self-drilling screw".
Screws are made of titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V).
Screws are available with full size.
A fine pitch* of 0.6mm enables faster implantation.

*Pitch: the distance from the crest of one thread to the next.

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