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Cable Wire
- Made of titanium alloy wires, using imported raw materials, providing the best flexibility and break resistance, the surface remains integrity when being cut;
- The tapered design of both ends of the cable makes it easy to perforate and provides a two-way straining technique; The snap design provides a one-way straining technique; These two schemes are convenient for clinical selection;
- Two regular sizes (1.2/1.7), lengths of 520mm; meet various clinical needs.

Cable Lock & Positioning Pin
- Adopt titanium alloy material that is compatible with the cable wire;
- Two types of cable lock satisfy various clinical needs;
- The positioning pin is used for the bone plate in the cable wire coiling surgery.

Patella Pin
- Adopt titanium alloy material which owns good biocompatibility;
- 2.0mm diameter design provides sufficient strength;
- Round hole design, which does not need to bend avoids tissue irritation;
- Breakable design is easy for operation;
- The needles with a perforated design that makes it easy for cables to pass through, providing a better fixation.

General orthopedic surgery involving the fracture of the proximal humerus, ulna olecranon, proximal femur(including periprosthetic fractures), pelvic, patella and ankle, and temporary reduction during open reduction procedures, prophylactic banding during total joint procedures

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