Naton Medical Group August Academic Exchange Event Review



-The 9th National Cervical Surgery Academic Conference-

This conference, sponsored by Henan Provincial Rehabilitation Medical Association and undertaken by Henan Provincial People's Hospital, was held in Zhengzhou from August 5 to 7. Professor Yuan Wen served as the chairman of the conference, and Professor Gao Yanzheng served as the executive chairman. 300 people attended the conference offline and 587,200 people attended the conference online.

Naton Technology Group participated in the conference and held the Bricon Germany and IRENE Spine Satellite Conference. Meanwhile, the featured products of Bricon, IRENE, SCABARRD, NatonBio and other product lines were showcased on booth. Naton also promoted its academic platform - "Naton Academy".

- Affiliated Nanhua Hospital,University of South China - Spinal Case Seminar-

The conference, hosted by Nanhua Hospital and co-organized by Natong Technology Group, was successfully held in Hengyang City on August 26. Prof. Su Xiaotao served as the chairman of the conference. Prof. Yang Meiling, Tan Jian, Wu Wenxin, He Jun, Li Hongke, Chen Rengui, Liao Yusheng and other professors served as lecturers.

The conference mainly focused on discussion of spinal cases.  The spinal product lines of various brands of Naton were presented, including Bricon, IRENE and SCABBARD.

-2022 Naton Provincial Distributor Conference-

In August, Naton held distributor conferences in Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and Shanxi provinces respectively, with more than 300 attendants. 

The conferences has strengthened the distributors’ confidence for working with Naton to reach win-win cooperation. Distributors said, "Naton's strength is obvious to all and we are willing to work with Naton to promote the development of orthopedics in China."





-New Spine of China -- German BRICON Academic events-

62 session

63 session


-2022 Xiangxiang Lake Orthopaedic Summit Forum - Joint and Sports Medicine Session-

The conference, sponsored by the Orthopaedic Surgeons Branch of Guangxi Medical Doctors Association and undertaken by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, was successfully held in Nanning on August 20, attracting 80 people offline and 400 people online.


Prof. Zhao Jinmin and Prof. Yang Zhi served as the chairman of the conference. Tian Xiaobin, Liu Yujie, Shang Xifu, Yang Zhonghan, Bo Zhandong, Wei Qingjun, Lao Shan, Yao Jun, Tan Jiachang, Tan Zhen, Huang Linke, Sun Ke and other well-known experts were invited to give lectures.


During the conference, Naton showed its product lines such as LINK, Bricon, IRENE, SCABBARD and NatonBio, as well as promoted the newly launched academic platform of - Naton Academy.

-Ideal Joint-

"Ideal joint" is a series of academic activities jointly created by Germany LINK Company, Tianjin Zhengtian Medical Instrument Co., LTD (IRENE), collaborating with domestic orthopaedic hospitals with good reputations and national well-known joint surgery experts. It aims to promote joint academic and improve the skills of clinicians to better serve patients.

"Ideal Joint" includes online academic activities, offline academic activities, public welfare free clinic, public welfare patients association and a series of activities.


Fixed platform monocondylar replacement workshop


-Pediatric Orthopedics courses-

Pediatric Orthopaedic courses were organized by Pediatric Orthopaedic Division of Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons and organized by Naton Academy,IRENE ORTHO, SCABBARD and INION.

This course systematically teaches the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently occurring orthopedic diseases in children, and improves the diagnosis and treatment level of pediatric orthopedic doctors at the primary level.


The 6 session Pediatric Hip dysplasia (DDH)

The 7 session  Pediatric Elbow Joint feature

-International Class on Acetabular Injuries-

The conference was hosted by Xi 'an Honghui Hospital and co-organized by NatongTechnology on August 3rd. Professor Zhang Kun served as the chairman of the conference, and professors Zhuang Yan, Wang Pengfei, Wang Hu, Ma Teng and Wang Qian were invited as lecturers.


More than 30 overseas surgeons from Ukraine, Myanmar, Sudan, Philippines, Syria and Indonesia participated in the online learning. The international course was comprehensive and benefited surgeons a lot, which promoted the cooperation and exchange between Chinese and foreign orthopedic peers.

Spots Medicine

Yunnan Medical Association Sports Medicine Orthopedic annual meeting-

The conference, sponsored by Yunnan Medical Association and undertaken by Yunnan Medical Association Sports Medicine Branch, was held in Kunming from August 5 to 7. Naton BioTechnology participated in the conference, exhibited series of sports medicine products, provided a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan for patients, and attracted many participants to stop to communicate and negotiate cooperation.

-2022 Lower Limb Group Academic Conference of Guangdong Medical Association-

The conference was successfully held in Foshan from August 19 to 21, with in-depth explanation and discussion on the topics of "Diagnosis and treatment of posterior cruciate ligament and related injuries" and "Treatment options for giant irreparable rotator cuff tears".


Natong BioTechnology participated in the conference and set up the booth of "Shoulder Peak Hour, Knee Mail Future" and VIP tea break room. During the conference, Naton's biological sports medicine products attracted industry experts and colleagues to stop, gaining high recognitions. Attendants all gave full confidence in the development of domestic sports medicine.

-2022 Sports Medicine Academic Annual Meeting of Henan Medical Association-

The conference was held in Zhengzhou from August 26 to 28. Naton's comprehensive solution of biological sports medicine made an amazing appearance, providing new directions and new ideas for sports medicine diagnosis and treatment for the participants, and drawing many colleagues’ interests.


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