IRENE Unique Knee Successfully Resolved Knee Joint Disease for a Patient


Patient Profile

History: 65-year-old female patient with right knee pain and limited movement for 5 years, right knee flexion and inversion deformity, limp, poorly controlled by medication

Clinical diagnosis: Severe osteoarthritis of the right knee joint

Treatment: Total knee arthropalsty with IRENE unique knee product



With their mature surgical techniques and meticulous surgical planning, Director Pan Tan and his team at Fuyang People's Hospital in Anhui Province, successfully performed the Unique Knee TKA replacement surgery.

The surgery went very smoothly and the patient and her family expressed great satisfaction with the good recovery after the surgery.


The success of the surgery depends mainly on the precise examination before surgery, the accurate operation during surgery and the functional exercise after surgery, especially the precise osteotomy and soft tissue balance during surgery, which determines the postoperative rehabilitation period and the service life of the prosthesis.

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