Naton Academy Instructional Course - Orthopedic Surgeries in the Era of COVID-19

The pandemic has affected all aspects of daily life with far-reaching implications, especially in most aspects of healthcare. Though it’s impossible for us to hold any international academic exchange below the line, IRENE will always support you and your business.

Under the new normal of COVID-19, orthopedic surgeries have been resumed gradually, for which we have to practice new protocols in place to combat the transmission. Since the outbreak, Chinese surgeons have faced many challenges as well, including performing an emergency surgery for a patient with the virus. By dealing with all kinds of tough problems, we have come up with effective prevention and control measures against the pandemic. To help you prepare well when restart surgeries, we would like to share with you the daily work as well as protective measures of Chinese surgeons. Meanwhile, this course will focus on joint treatment by applying IRENE flagship products such as OPTIMA System, Lotus System, Unique Knee, and so on. And it as well will contain advanced orthopedic technologies, informative lectures, teaching ward rounds, and live surgeries to help you master joint techniques in all-round ways.

If you want to participate in this Webinar or have any further question concerning this course, please contact our sales representative or email us to info@natongroup.com.

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