Naton Medical Group May Academic Exchange Event Review



-The 2nd Qilu Orthopeidc Summit Forum-

From May 20 to 22, the second Qilu Orthopedics Summit Forum sponsored by Shandong Medical Association and undertaken by Shandong University Qilu Hospital was successfully held in Jinan Luneng Hilton Hotel. 

The conference took the form of online and offline combination, specially invited Professor Feng Shiqing from Shandong University Qilu Hospital as the chairman of the conferenceThere were 33,000 participants in the main conference hall of the opening ceremony, and 3000-9000 participants in more than ten other sub-conferences.

 Naton exhibited IRENE, BRICON, regenerative bone, absorbable trauma and other product lines, which drew broad attention of participants.

-Academic activity of Hainan Medical Association-

The conference invited Professor Lin Jianping from Hainan Provincial People's Hospital to serve as the chairman. Naton participated in the conference, showcased IRENE, BRICON, SCABBARD, regenerative bone, absorbable trauma, sports medicine and other product lines, and emphasized the promotion of Naton Academy academic platform.


Naton Academy is an academic platform integrating online courses, offline practical training, international academic exchange, cloud cases and product center, which is built by Naton with more than 20 years of experience. It is an advanced course designed for clinicians at different stages.

International Academic Exchanges

-Sports Medicine Webinar with distributors from Latin America-

On May 14, the 2022 "Belt and Road" International academic Exchange activity -- America Station, jointly organized by Naton Academy, International Business Division, and Naton Biological Business Division, was successfully held. Yang Ziquan, director of the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, had communicated with surgeons and distributors from Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Dominica, Chile, and Ecuador on the cloud.


Director Yang delivered two topics in fluent English: "Clinical diagnosis and treatment of root injury behind meniscus" and "treatment strategy of huge rotator cuff injury". His lecture was meticulous and patient, combined with theory and cases, showing the high-level sports medicine diagnosis and treatment technology from China. 


The participants learned surgical skills and detailed product information. After the sharing, the American doctors had a discussion concerning sports medicine with Director Yang and expressed sincere thanks to director Yang for his sharing. In the end, the meeting came to a successful end in a cordial farewell.

-IRENE online academic exchange for spine products-

On May 20th, the online exchange for international spine distributors was successfully held. Distributors from Greece, Russia and other countries attended the communication. At the meeting, the full-line solutions of spine were shared, and we discussed related issues with our partners, thus deepening their understanding of the development of Orthopedics in China.



-Communication on Clients Management Experience with Latin America distributors -

On May 27th, Clients Management Experience Sharing online hosted by IRENE was successfully held. Distributors from Chile, Colombia, Dominica, Peru, Mexico and other countries attended the meeting.


This training was conducted by Wang Zhongyang, general manager of Market &Technology Department, who introduced IRENE’s experience and methods in customer management to Latin American customers.


New Spine of China -- German BRICON Academic events



In May, "New Spine of China -- German BRICON Academic Events" held 24 conferences, elaborating on more than 10 themes, inviting 151 experts to participate in the conference, and attracting more than 190,000 online participants.


24th session: Minimally invasive spine and spinal fracture treatment

25th session:Recent developments surrounding spinal diseases, spinal infections

26th session: Spinal complex case discussion

27th session: Spinal case discussion

28th session: Treatment strategy of senile osteoporotic thoracolumbar fracture

29th session: Minimally invasive spine

30th session: Cervical spondylosis

31st session: Minimally invasive spine

32nd session: Surgical techniques for thoracolumbar spine

33rd session: Minimally invasive spine

34th session: Spinal tuberculosis and spinal orthosis

35th session: Intelligent spinal surgery

36th session: Spinal deformity

37th session: Osteoporosis and spinal internal fixation

38th session: Spinal diseases

39th session: Posterior approach to the cervical spine

40th session: Minimally invasive spine

41st session: Cervical spinal stenosis

42nd session: Special topics on lumbar diseases

43rd  session: Spinal deformity

44th session: Minimally invasive spine

44th session: Special topics on spine and lumbar vertebra

45th session: Minimally invasive spine

46th session: Upper cervical vertebra, thoracolumbar spine and spinal deformity



-Ideal Joint -- IRENE Single Condyle-

The 7th session

Simultaneous Bi-UKA or staged (conversion to) Bi-UKA for treatment on bicompartmental OA

The 8th session

Particularity of UKA in young patients





-The first session of pediatric orthopaedic course series -- special topic of pediatric knee trauma-


-Lower limb trauma seminar in Suzhou, China-





-Hainan Provincial Association of Chinese Medicine-

On 20-21 May, Naton Biotechnology participated in the acedemic conference of Hainan Provincial Association of Chinese Medicine. We demonstrated the full range of sports medicine products and showed clients the solutions of sports medicine.

Meanwhile, the satellite symposium held by Naton attracted numerous attendees. Professor Zhao Lilian from Foshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was invited to deliver lecture on the repair methods of shoulder joint injury, conduct in-depth communication with surgeons, and share the new technology and new methods of shoulder joint sports injury repair.

Relying on profound technical background, Naton Biotechnology is deeply exploring the mode of combining surgeons and engineering, providing the most comprehensive and high-quality sports medicine solutions for clinicians and patients, and striving to build a leading enterprise in China's sports medicine industry.


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