IRENE Unique Knee Surgical Video Competition was held successfully


IRENE Unique Knee is a featured knee product that has been developed over a period of five years, bringing together the wisdom of dozens of authoritative joint experts in China, incorporating cutting-edge international design concepts and collecting clinical anatomical data from the various population. Since its introduction into the clinic, it has been well received by clinicians and patients for its numerous model matches, easy surgical operation and excellent clinical results.

A good clinical outcome requires not only an excellent prosthesis, but also the exquisite surgical skills of orthopaedic surgeons. In order to promote the exchange of surgical techniques among joint surgeons and to achieve mutual learning and progress, IRENE, a member of the Naton Medical Group, has created the "IRENE Unique Knee Surgical Video Competition" as a platform for exchange with renowned joint surgery experts in China.

Recently, the second video competition was held successfully through IRENE live streaming platform. Six young elites from across the country (Bao Haixing, Jia Zhihe, Li Jian, Li Hongbiao, Lu Hui and Shu Li) competed to showcase their techniques. Meanwhile, nine joint surgery experts (Prof. Chen Jiying, Prof. Huang Wei, Prof. Liu Jun, Prof. Qu Tiebing, Prof. Shang Xifu, Prof. Zhou Yonggang, Prof. Zhou Zongke, Prof. Zhao Jianning and Prof. Zeng Yirong) were also invited as judges to comment and score the competition online.

The six players participated with pre-recorded surgical videos, reporting online on their surgical procedures and experiences with the Unique Knee knee prosthesis. The contestants agreed that the Unique Knee is an excellent prosthesis designed according to the anatomical data of the various population, with a wide range of models, standard and wide versions, easy to operate instruments, adjustable spacers every 1mm, and excellent quality workmanship.

The experts affirmed the professional knowledge and surgical skills of the participants and highly praised the young doctors for their initiative in learning and communication. At the same time, they advised the competitors that they should not only focus on practical surgical skills, but also solid theoretical knowledge and pay attention to details in their work and surgery, etc. in the process of growth. The experts affirmed the outstanding contribution made by Naton Medical Group to orthopaedics in China and praised the continuous research and innovation of IRENE Joint, which has launched a series of joint products with outstanding design and craftsmanship, helping the clinic to better solve patients' ailments.

IRENE attaches great importance to academic innovation and builds a platform for young and middle-aged doctors to grow and showcase their skills. In the future, we will hold the "RENE Unique Knee Surgical Video Competition" on a regular basis, welcoming more young and middle-aged doctors to participate in the competition and showcase their skills.

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