MIS Cementless Femoral Stem


Patient profile

Female 47-year-old

Medical history

The patient had bilateral hip pain without obvious inducement more than 10 years ago. The pain was obvious when sitting up, aggravated after long walking, and relieved after rest. There was no local redness, fever, other joint pain, and long-term chronic fever and chills. The course of the disease was progressively worse in both hips, with occasional lumbago, but no numbness in both legs

Medical examination

The patient walked with claudication, no swelling at the left hip, and the left lower limb was shorter than the contralateral.

The local skin temperature of the left hip was normal, the groin area was heavy tenderness, and no mass was touched.

The bilateral dorsal foot arteries were palpable and the skin of both lower limbs felt normal.

Range of motion of the left hip joint: flexion 10°-80°, adduction 0° and abduction 0°.

Hip extension inside rotation0° outside rotation 5° . Hip flexion 80° inward rotation 0° outward rotation 0°.

The left lower limb was about 1cm shorter than the opposite side, and the circumference of both thighs was the same.

Special examination: Left Thomas positive, Trendelenburg negative, left hip tetragram positive.

Clinical diagnosis:

Bilateral ankylitis of the hip


IRENE MIS CEMENTLESS FEMORAL STEM allows small incision implantation of the prosthesis, minimizes invasion of the medullary cavity, and avoids trochanter, which conforms to the minimally invasive concept.

The operation is simple, and the patient recovers well after surgery.




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