IRENE Proximal Femur Bionic Nail Case


Patient Profile: 

Male 72-year-old

Medical History: 

The patient felt severe pain in the right shoulder, neck and right hip after accidentally falling, and could not stand and move, accompanied by hip dysfunction.

Medical examination:

Right lower limb external rotation flexion, right hip slightly swollen, local tenderness is obvious,bone rubbing and bone fricative exist, right ankle joint movement is limited, the right lower limb is 3cm shorter than the healthy side, the dorsalis pedis artery pulsation, There is blood circulation, sensation and movement in the extremities.

Clinical diagnosis:

Pulverized fracture of right intertrochanteric femur

Atlantoaxial subluxation?


The IRENE Proximal Femur Bionic Nail was applied to the proximal femur with minimally invasive implantation, precise positioning and simple operation.

The operation went well and the patient felt good after surgery.

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