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Tianjian Zhengtian Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd (with the brand name IRENE) was founded in 1995 and acquired by NATON since 2007. By far Zhengtian has 24 years’ experience in orthopedic industry and become the largest orthopedic enterprise in China. IRENE offers comprehensive solution and superior services in the professional field of trauma, spine, joint reconstruction, CMF, sports medicine and 3D printed products.


Zhengtian plant is located in the port city Tianjin. It presently covers an area of 35000 m² with 608 processing equipment, 800 m² 100,000 class aseptic packaging room and 10,000 class aseptic followed GMP regulation. Zhengtian also puts emphasis on the construction of enterprise management system and has built a well-rounded quality system guided by ISO9001-2000 and YY/T0287-2003 standards. The quality control is strictly from raw material to each producing system. It also applies ERP system to collect the products’ feedback in time. Moreover, Zhengtian continuously focuses on R&D and has owned over 100 domestic patents so far.


To guarantee quality and efficiency, Zhengtian Medical has invested and imported several high-end medical equipment production lines and equipment from Germany, Switzerland and other countries. By 2018, the output value reached over 100 million USD. The average growth rate over the past three years is 32%. In the global market, IRENE products have covered more than 100 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the export volume of joint products rank first among all China orthopedic enterprises.


Zhengtian is committed to the development of global orthopedic industry. Over the past five years, IRENE has invited more than 500 global surgeons to visit China top hospitals to conduct academic exchange and collaborated with first-rate surgeons to disseminate advanced surgical techniques and knowledge abroad under the name of NATON ACADEMY. IRENE and NATON has also sponsored and attained more than 40 international and reginal orthopedic professional conferences annually.

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